Maggie Hassan Flip Flops on Syrian Refugee Stance

In a new video released by Project Veritas Action, staffers from Maggie Hassan’s campaign are caught on camera expressing a lack of confidence in the candidate’s position and her ability to win the New Hampshire U.S. Senate race.

In the video, a Project Veritas Action (PVA) journalist discusses Hassan’s likability and stance on issues with campaign field organizers. “Her positions are weird. She’s like the one person that I know is not gonna win,” said Nyatan Bol, Field Organizer for New Hampshire Democratic Party.

PVA journalists found that Hassan, the once popular two term democratic Governor of New Hampshire is not favorable among her staff.  Polls show her losing her Senate race to incumbent Kelly Ayotte.  PVA found that it’s because many in New Hampshire don’t know where Hassan really stands on issues. 

One of the issues Hassan’s staff and donors said she isn’t consistent on is her stance on Syrian refugees. “She does not think any more should enter New Hampshire. She has got a lot of people to play too, so I understand. The position she is running for she has to win some of the conservative vote,” said Anna Kaufman, the regional GOTV director for New Hampshire Together.

Last November, Hassan became the first Democratic governor to call for a break in the intake of Syrian Refugees into her state.  In an effort to find out what Hassan and her staff really thought about accepting Syrian refugees into New Hampshire, a PVA journalist asked Hassan at a tree lighting ceremony last December.

Maggie Hassan: “You know, and then I think we should do our part to help the Syrian refugees like we've always helped with all the refugees.”

PVA Journalist: “Let them in in the future?”

Maggie Hassan: “Yeah, yeah. I mean if they're vetted right.”

At the same event we met Amber Barbagallo, executive assistant to Gov. Hassan. Despite what Hassan said publicly, Barbagallo told the PVA journalist that Hassan wouldn’t turn away Syrian refugees from the state.

PVA: “So she’s not going to turn people away is she?”

Amber: “No. Not at all. Not at all.”

PVA: “She’s not going to turn refugees away?”

Amber: “No. Not at all. And actually she doesn’t have the power to do that as governor anyway.”

PVA: “So she would let them in?”

Amber: “Of course. Of course.”


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