James O’Keefe: Senator McCaskill Should Be Embarrassed

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Senator Claire McCaskill’s campaign recently presented this letter to the Missouri Attorney General’s office, seeking an investigation of “possible felonies committed by Project Veritas.” Because the McCaskill complaint is so divorced from reality, we can only assume it is nothing more than a political stunt designed to save face.

Alleging illegal activity against journalists is a serious matter. As with all journalistic efforts, Project Veritas Action Fund’s newsgathering is protected by the First Amendment. Senator McCaskill should be a vigorous supporter of the First Amendment.

Regarding the letter’s central grievance, Missouri’s Merchandising Practices Act is not designed to protect political campaigns from investigative journalists. As an attorney and former prosecutor, Senator McCaskill should know better than to subject the Missouri legal system to such an embarrassing and self-indulgent charade. She clearly is choosing political theater over her ethical responsibilities as a member of the Missouri Bar.

Misapplying Missouri’s Merchandising Practices Act in this case would render it: the Missouri Incumbent Protection Act. Missouri has the full authority to protect its residents against con men posing as charities; but no authority to protect incumbent politicians from the roving eye of journalists seeking the truth. 

Additionally, the incendiary diatribe directed at Veritas, coupled with the recitation of a series of frivolous lawsuits by other investigative report subjects, is only evidence that this is in fact a politically motivated attack, not a serious request of the Missouri Attorney General, who coincidentally is her opponent in her bid for reelection to the U.S. Senate.

The Senator was in such a hurry to take the heat off the mismanagement of her campaign and volunteers, the letter never references the actual organization that gathered and produced the stories that Senator McCaskill wished had never seen the light of day.

If the candidate is embarrassed by what was reported in our videos she should take that up with her staff. It’s their words that embarrassed her, not ours.

The Attorney General should chargeback the author of the McCaskill campaign’s complaint —a blatant attempt to politicize the Attorney General’s office for the benefit of her campaign—for any time they spent investigating and responding to it.


James O’Keefe

Founder and President

Project Veritas Action Fund

McCaskill Campaign “Essentially” Lies to Get Elected; Campaign Conceals Planned Parenthood Contributions, “donations through separate means”

[icon size=”14″ icon=”icon-circle-full” display=”true” ][/icon]Campaign Staff: Planned Parenthood Doesn’t Directly “donate to Claire because they don’t want to ostracize pro-life Democrats in Missouri”
[icon size=”14″ icon=”icon-circle-full” display=”true” ][/icon]McCaskill Staff Confirms Planned Parenthood Still Contributes: “They put it through different organizations.”
[icon size=”14″ icon=”icon-circle-full” display=”true” ][/icon]Senator McCaskill Will “100%” Support Abortion, Is “very pro-choice” But Doesn’t Want to Appear “too far left to get the moderate voters.”
[icon size=”14″ icon=”icon-circle-full” display=”true” ][/icon]Staffer Agrees: McCaskill “essentially” Has to Lie to Get Elected


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(St. Louis) Project Veritas Action Fund has released a fourth undercover video from campaigns during this 2018 election season. This is the second report featuring staff from incumbent Senator Claire McCaskill’s campaign. It exposes how McCaskill contributions from Planned Parenthood are delivered indirectly in order to not alienate moderate or pro-life voters.

James O’Keefe, founder of Project Veritas Action said:

“Politicians are notorious for saying one thing during an election and then doing something entirely different once they are in office. Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri has turned that practice into an art form.”

Planned Parenthood Making Indirect Contributions?

Campaign staffers working for Senator McCaskill explain how Planned Parenthood contributes to her campaign indirectly. Nicholas Starost, who works on Senator McCaskill’s campaign, alleges that Planned Parenthood does not outwardly support the campaign to avoid ostracizing moderate voters:

STAROST: “… Planned Parenthood will never donate money to Claire [McCaskill] even though she’s very pro-choice. because they don’t want to ostracize those pro-life democrats that might not vote for her, if there’s Planned Parenthood funding her.”

JOURNALIST: “So, they just, they just funnel it through Emily’s List?”

STAROST: “Probably. They go through other means to get us that money.”

Starost continued, saying Planned Parenthood “…put[s] it through like different organizations.” He added that most voters would not figure out this source of McCaskill’s campaign funds:

STAROST:  “Unless they go like deep, deep, deep down into a campaign, like finance. Which most people just do not.”

When asked if the intent of the scheme was to get contributions without disclosing Planned Parenthood’s name specifically, Starost says, “Yup… It’s f***ing beautiful… It’s great when it works for us and not against us.”

Another individual who works on Senator McCaskill’s campaign, Grace Richardson, corroborates the Planned Parenthood contribution scheme is to protect McCaskill’s appeal to moderate voters:

JOURNALIST: “So, I’m still trying to wrap my head around that, that… thing Nick [Starost] was talking about the other day, that Planned Parenthood won’t donate to us.”

RICHARDSON: “Oh yeah.”

JOURNALIST: “I don’t understand why, I don’t get it.”

RICHARDSON: “I think it’s the same with Obama not endorsing any red state democrats, it’s so like…  It’s so that that democrat isn’t coming off as too leftist establishment.”

Richardson adds that even though Planned Parenthood is not publicly supporting Senator McCaskill, McCaskill will still “100%” work to support abortion rights.

RICHARDSON: “Yeah I think it’s like a tactic that’s to like make them not too far left to try to get the moderate voters.”

JOURNALIST: “But we’re still going to support abortion, right?”

RICHARDSON: “Yes. Yeah, 100%. It’s more of like them not… They go through other means to support and give money…”

Other individuals working on Senator McCaskill’s campaign, Melissa Balke and Darcy Becker, also spoke to the nature of Planned Parenthood’s contributions:

JOURNALIST: “Grace was telling me that while we don’t take donations from Planned Parenthood, we take donations from Planned Parenthood.”

BALKE: “Indirectly.”


BECKER: So it’s not that they don’t support Claire, it’s because of… They know it’s a tough state to win for a Democrat, and they don’t want to hurt her chances of winning it by donating money. Cause even some moderate Dems are pro-life. And even those Republicans that are gonna vote for Claire, cause they’re pretty moderate, she could lose them if Planned Parenthood donated money to her.”

Becker added that Planned Parenthood intentionally makes its contributions indirectly to Senator McCaskill “… because they know it could hurt [her] in the election.” Becker also believes Planned Parenthood doesn’t “…want to hurt her chances of getting those lean GOPs and the undecided [voters.]”

“… more progressive than she lets on?”

Balke and another individual who works on Senator McCaskill’s campaign, Carson Pope, indicate that McCaskill is not as moderate as she purports to be:

JOURNALIST: “You were saying that you think [Senator McCaskill is] more progressive than she lets on?”

POPE: “Yeah.”

BALKE: “I think so too. I think she’s a lot more open-minded to taking like alternative routes to things but she can’t be open about that.”

JOURNALIST: “Why not?”

POPE: “Because this is a 19-point Trump state.”

BALKE: “Because she would completely isolate the moderate Republicans.”

More Elections…

This is the fourth release in a series Project Veritas Action Fund began publishing in October 2018 exposing dishonesty and unethical conduct in elections across the country. Project Veritas Action Fund will continue to publish undercover reports in this series.

View the other investigative reports in this series:

“People just can’t know that.” MO Sen. McCaskill Hides Agenda Including “semi-automatic rifle ban” from Moderate Voters, Staffers Reveal in Undercover Video it “could hurt her ability to get elected.”

[icon size=”14″ icon=”icon-circle-full” display=”true” ][/icon]Senator McCaskill on Tape: “Of  course!” She Would Vote Yes on Gun Bans”
[icon size=”14″ icon=”icon-circle-full” display=”true” ][/icon]Campaign Staff Says: McCaskill supports “a semi-automatic rifle ban
[icon size=”14″ icon=”icon-circle-full” display=”true” ][/icon]McCaskill is Quiet on Gun Views “because she has a bunch of Republican voters,” Secretly Supports Gun Control Group
[icon size=”14″ icon=”icon-circle-full” display=”true” ][/icon]Staff: Wait Until After Election to Bring up Trump Impeachment; to Voters: “Get over it”
[icon size=”14″ icon=”icon-circle-full” display=”true” ][/icon]“People just can’t know” McCaskill and Obama “essentially have the same views on everything.”
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(St. Louis) Project Veritas Action Fund has released a third undercover video from campaigns during this 2018 election season. This report exposes how incumbent Senator McCaskill and individuals working on her campaign conceal their liberal views on issues in order to court moderate voters.

Said James O’Keefe, founder and president of Project Veritas Action:

“This undercover report shows just how broken our political system has become. Senator McCaskill hides her true views from voters because she knows they won’t like them.” 

Senator McCaskill Talks Gun Bans on Tape

Senator McCaskill revealed her intention to vote on various gun control measures in undercover footage:

MCCASKILL: “Well if we elect enough Democrats we’ll get some gun safety stuff done. They won’t let us vote on it, we’ve got 60 votes for a number of measures that would help with gun safety, but McConnell won’t let ’em come to the floor.”

JOURNALIST: “Like bump stocks, ARs and high capacity mags…?”

MCCASKILL: “Universal background checks, all of that… But if we have the kind of year I think we might have I think we could actually be in a position to get votes on this stuff on the floor and we’d get 60 [votes]…”

JOURNALIST: “So you would be on board with the bump stocks and… high capacity mags.”

MCCASKILL: “Of course! Of course!”

Despite her strong views on gun control, Senator McCaskill does not tend to promote them on the campaign trail or on her website. Rob Mills, who works on Senator McCaskill’s campaign, says that is “…because she has a bunch of Republican voters.”

Another individual who works on Senator McCaskill campaign, Carson Pope, adds that “…a semi-automatic rifle ban is more so what she would support.”

“People just can’t know that.”

According to Mills, Senator McCaskill conceals her support of Moms Demand Action, a gun control group, and other similar organizations because they would “…hurt her ability to get elected.”

MILLS: “But she doesn’t openly go out and support groups like ‘Mom’s Demand Action’ or just like other groups that are related to that. Because that could hurt, her ability to get elected. Because people like see that and they’re like well I don’t want to support her even though they stand for the same policies…”

MILLS: “She’s worked out stuff with Mom’s Demand Action to make sure that she can support their goals without supporting the organization openly. And you know, Mom’s Demand Action does the exact same thing. Like a lot of our volunteers are actually from there. She’s really good about strategy and making sure she has a goal and can get there.”

Nicolas Starost, another individual who works on Senator McCaskill’s campaign, explains how President Obama won’t campaign for Senator McCaskill in Missouri despite their similar views on politics. Starost says this is because Senator McCaskill needs to distance herself from the Democratic party to appeal to more voters:

STAROST: “Because of how like, cause he’s a very liberal candidate. And like… Claire distancing herself from the party is gonna help her win more votes than it will saying like: “Oh here’s Obama, the former President of the United States, to now speak on my behalf.” Which is unfortunate because I love Obama to pieces, and I’d love to see him come here.”

JOURNALIST: “And they essentially have the same views on everything?”

STAROST: “Yeah. People just can’t know that.”


Another individual who works on Senator McCaskill’s campaign, Glen Winfrey, explains plans for the impeachment of President Trump:

JOURNALIST: “So, here’s the real question, Claire holds off on impeachment to get the moderate. What do we tell the moderates when we drop the impeachment hammer afterward?”

WINFREY: “Get over it. It was a national security question. That information was confidential, and she did her duty by not revealing the information until afterward.”


More Elections…

This is the third release in a series Project Veritas Action Fund began publishing in October 2018 exposing dishonesty and unethical conduct in elections across the country. Project Veritas Action Fund will continue to publish undercover reports in this series.

View the other investigative reports in this series:

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US Senate Candidate Phil Bredesen Responds to Undercover Video Sting

UPDATE: (10/15) A FOX Nashville investigation has revealed that Mark Brown, Tennessee Democratic spokesperson lied when attacking the undercover report. 

(Tennessee) Speaking to News Channel 11, US Senate candidate Phil Bredesen responded to an undercover report published earlier this week showing staffers from his campaign offices explain his recent statement in support of then-Judge Brett Kavanaugh was plainly a “political move” in order to court “moderate” voters.

Said Bredesen in the News Channel 11 report:

“I think it’s kind of a reprehensible way to treat young people…”

“There was somebody who came in sort of posing as a senior volunteer, all grown-up, from the other campaign, and basically got these young people talking in that fashion.”

“I would have been a yes with all the information I had at the time to make that decision.”

James O’Keefe, founder of Project Veritas Action Fund said in response:

“The Bredesen campaign is officially on defense. Thanks to the undercover report, Tennesseans can see right through Bredesen’s remarks, which amount to just another empty ‘political move,’ designed to save face.”

Also in the report, a spokesperson for US Senate candidate Marsha Blackburn’s campaign said:

“… now they’re seeing ‘Phony Phil’ at his worst. This is exactly the kind of ‘say whatever to get elected’ politics Tennesseans hate…”

You can view the original undercover report here.

O’Keefe Confronts Bredesen Campaign Staff About Undercover Video

O’Keefe confronted Bredesen campaign staffer Will Stewart for comment about an undercover video showing Stewart admitting that Bredesen was lying to voters in order to win the election.

Later, O’Keefe tweeted that he was shoved by Bredesen’s Campaign Manager at a debate in Tennessee, the Gateway Pundit reported.



This story is developing.

“We don’t say that out of these walls.” Phil Bredesen’s Staff Says He Is Lying About Kavanaugh Vote in Undercover Video. “It’s a political move.”

[icon size=”14″ icon=”icon-circle-full” display=”true” ][/icon]Says YES on Kavanaugh in Vote-Grab, But Staffers Say He Wouldn’t “It’s politics.”
[icon size=”14″ icon=”icon-circle-full” display=”true” ][/icon]Lie Was “a Political Move” to Appear “Moderate” Rather Than Liberal – Bredesen Campaign Is “all here” to Run Against Trump, “he hates Trump”
[icon size=”14″ icon=”icon-circle-full” display=”true” ][/icon]Staffer Confides: “we’re trying to make it so it’s not about Democrats…” BUT “he’ll be a good Democrat”
[icon size=”14″ icon=”icon-circle-full” display=”true” ][/icon]Blue Wave: “This isn’t about everything else… this is for the Blue Wave…” “we don’t say that out of these walls”
[icon size=”14″ icon=”icon-circle-full” display=”true” ][/icon]Bredesen Staff Thinks Tennessee Voters Are “Ignorant”
[icon size=”14″ icon=”icon-circle-full” display=”true” ][/icon]HANNITY: “It will blow your mind!”


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(Tennessee) Project Veritas Action Fund has released a second undercover video from campaigns during this 2018 election season. This report exposes Tennessee staffers from Phil Bredesen’s U.S. Senate campaign revealing his willingness to court moderate voters through deceit. This was especially evidenced by Bredesen’s recent statement suggesting he would, if he was already in the Senate, vote to confirm now Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

James O’Keefe, founder and president of Project Veritas Action, said this report should represent a red flag for all Tennessee voters:

Phil Bredesen and his campaign have been shown to lie to Tennesseans, saying one thing to persuade voters on the campaign trail but clearly planning to do something entirely different should he get into office. 

Lying to Persuade Moderate Voters

Maria Amalla and Will Stewart, staffers in Bredesen’s campaign, both say on hidden camera that if he were in the Senate, Bredesen would not actually have voted to confirm then-Judge Brett Kavanaugh. They explained that the statement Bredesen issued in support of Kavanaugh was a political ploy to gain the support of moderate voters in Tennessee.

JOURNALIST: “Like he wouldn’t really vote yes [for Kavanaugh,] would he?

AMALLA: “No, it’s a political move… He thinks that like we’re down like half a point right now. It’s like really close and we’re losing by a point or two. So he thinks that if like by saying this he’s appealing to more moderate republicans and he’ll get more of them to vote for us.”

JOURNALIST: “I was so confused because I just can’t believe he would actually vote [for Kavanaugh.]

STEWART: “He wouldn’t. But he’s saying he would… Which I don’t know if it makes it worse or better. No, it makes it better… “

When asked to clarify that Bredesen is only saying he’d vote for Kavanaugh to “get the Republican vote,” Amalla, a field organizer for Bredesen’s campaign, affirmed, “Yes.” Amalla reiterated, “[Bredesen] thought that like by coming out in support [of Justice Kavanaugh] that it would get more republicans on his side. He wasn’t doing as well in the rural parts.”

Bredesen Hides his Direct Affiliation with the National Democratic Party

In multiple conversations, Bredesen staffers admitted that Bredesen does not want to fully communicate his connection to the national leadership of the Democratic party. Stewart and a colleague on the Bredesen campaign, Drew Marshall say:

MARSHALL: “We would scare all the people who would vote for Phil Bredesen, but not [Senate Democratic Leader] Chuck Schumer.”

STEWART: “Yeah, exactly, because there’s a lot of republicans who are going to vote for [Bredesen…]”

STEWART: “Yeah. And that’s how they’re messaging against us… that he’s gonna be a ‘toe the line’ democrat voter… Because there are people who loved him as Governor but won’t vote for a democrat for national office.”

Stewart reiterated the Bredesen Campaign’s commitment to appearing moderate for the election, “we’re trying to make it so it’s not about democrats.” Stewart makes clear Bredesen’s messaging is purely for political optics, saying:

STEWART: “Between you and me once Phil actually gets into the Senate, he’ll be a good Democrat.”

Bredesen Staff Thinks Very Little of Tennessee Voters

Also in the report are comments made by Stewart agreeing that Tennessee voters are “ignorant” for supporting the confirmation of now Justice Brett Kavanaugh:

JOURNALIST: “So he’ll lose voters if he says yes [to not confirming Kavanaugh?]”

STEWART: “Oh, straight up, yeah.”

JOURNALIST: “Are the people of Tennessee that ignorant?”

STEWART: “Yeah.”


More Elections…

This is the second release in a series Project Veritas Action Fund began publishing in October 2018 exposing dishonesty and unethical conduct in elections across the country. Project Veritas Action Fund will continue to publish undercover reports in this series.

View the first video published during the 2018 election series.

Secrets and Lies: Oregon Governor Kate Brown – Misuse of Public Funds, Conflicts of Interest, “Graft” & “Corruption”

[icon size=”14″ icon=”icon-circle-full” display=”true” ][/icon]On Hidden Camera: Former Campaign Manager, “She’s a really awful manager of people, operations and structures.”
[icon size=”14″ icon=”icon-circle-full” display=”true” ][/icon]“The government side can’t direct the campaign side, which is what was happening.”
[icon size=”14″ icon=”icon-circle-full” display=”true” ][/icon]Governor’s Chief of Staff Alleged to Have Illegally Fired Campaign Staff
[icon size=”14″ icon=”icon-circle-full” display=”true” ][/icon]Using Government Funds for Campaign Expenses: “… [with Governor Brown] it happens all the time”
[icon size=”14″ icon=”icon-circle-full” display=”true” ][/icon]“Yeah, it [Brown’s administration] was “shady as f**k,” Says Former Campaign Manager


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(Oregon) Project Veritas Action Fund has released undercover video which exposes widespread mismanagement and possible campaign law violations associated with Governor Kate Brown. The undercover report features a former campaign manager for Brown, Michael Kolenc, candidly revealing the governor’s misdeeds both in running her last campaign and in governing the state of Oregon.

Governor’s Office Directing Kate Brown’s Campaign?

Kolenc, who managed Brown’s campaign for Governor in 2016, shines light on potential violations of Oregon law. These center around the direction and use of government personnel and other resources for campaign activities and support.

KOLENC: “Well, yeah, the government side can’t direct the campaign side, which is what was happening.”


KOLENC: “Well, the [Governor’s] chief of staff is the one who got me fired.”

Kolenc elaborated, indicating that there are limitations on government work hours that can be used to direct campaign work, saying “… you can’t really have one person in charge of everything because of the legal limitations…”

When asked if Governor Brown knew about these potential violations of Oregon law, Kolenc asserts that Brown, “… had to have known.”

New Light on Past Scandals

Kolenc also speaks a previously reported scandal involving Governor Brown’s former chief of staff, Kristen Leonard, who did not disclose a potential conflict of interest regarding a state government contract held by a company she owns.

JOURNALIST: “How did you find out about the whole, chief of staff had this corrupt thing?”

KOLENC: “The finance director flagged it for me… they had tried to fire this consulting company earlier, like six months earlier, and the chief of staff totally put the kibosh on it and the woman that tried to fire them was the person that hired me to come in and she was let go from the campaign after she brought me in…”

Another detail revealed in the report is an allegation involving Kate Brown and an alleged quid-pro-quo exchange for campaign contributions from Comcast.

KOLENC: “It was something in 20– it was something earlier in her tenure, but she had written a letter for Comcast and they gave her like $100,000 check or something. And it was just like, it didn’t look good, and it shouldn’t look good. She didn’t do anything illegal, but the perception that it’s a quid-pro-quo, like I’m going to write a letter of support for something, and you’re going to write me a $100,000 check, it doesn’t look good.”

JOURNALIST: “Oh, she did that?”

KOLENC: “Yes, she absolutely did that, yeah. It was before I got there, but that type of thing, when you’re trying to appeal to working-class people that don’t have that money, they don’t understand it…”

When asked if he believes Governor Brown still receives contributions for favors, Kolenc states: “Oh, it’s 100% going on, it’s 100% going on. It’s really discouraging…”

Kolenc summarized Governor Brown’s tenure-to-date as “… shady as f**k…,” and that generally nobody discloses “low-level graft, low-level corruption…”

Using Government Funds for Campaign Expenses

Kolenc revealed that Governor Brown uses government funds for campaign purposes.

KOLENC: ” Yeah, it could happen… It could, she did do that, yeah. It happens. And it happens all the time.”

Also captured in the undercover report were comments made by Kolenc regarding Governor Brown’s lack of management experience and skills:

KOLENC: “She’s a really awful manager of people, operations and structures. She’s just not a good manager, and she doesn’t hire, she doesn’t hire good managers. So that’s like one of her, a fundamental problem that she has…”

More Elections…

Project Veritas Action Fund founder said, “President Obama just endorsed Governor Brown’s re-election effort. After all that Kolenc told us, it’s hard to understand why even Obama would do that.”

This is the first release in a series Project Veritas Action Fund began publishing in October 2018 exposing dishonesty and unethical conduct in elections across the country. Project Veritas Action Fund will continue to publish undercover reports in this series.

New Hampshire Bill Signed, Closing Voter Fraud Loophole Exposed by Project Veritas Action

[icon size=”18″ icon=”icon-rhomb” display=”true” ][/icon]LAW SOLVES VOTER INTEGRITY ISSUES EXPOSED BY PROJECT VERITAS ACTION VIDEOS
[icon size=”18″ icon=”icon-rhomb” display=”true” ][/icon]VOTERS MUST NOW BE STATE RESIDENTS, OR PROVE INTENTION TO BECOME RESIDENTS
[icon size=”18″ icon=”icon-rhomb” display=”true” ][/icon]SUNUNU: NEW LAW “RESTORE[S] EQUALITY AND FAIRNESS TO OUR ELECTIONS”
[icon size=”18″ icon=”icon-rhomb” display=”true” ][/icon]BILL SIGNED AFTER NH SUPREME COURT FOUND BILL TO BE CONSTITUTIONAL

(New Hampshire) On July 13th, 2018, New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu signed House Bill 1264, which will require voters to prove “residency” in the state before being able to cast a ballot.

In February of 2016 during the Democratic Primary elections in the state of New Hampshire, Project Veritas Action released undercover videos at various polling locations highlighting why the passage of a bill like HB-1264 could improve the integrity of the state’s election system.

The video showed poll workers explaining to would-be voters that they were eligible to vote no matter how long they planned on being in the state. HB-1264 remedies this, compelling voters to acquire proof-of-residence such as a state driver’s license.

Prior to the bill’s signing, the New Hampshire Supreme Court found the bill was constitutional and struck back at criticisms that the bill would unfairly suppress certain voting groups, like out-of-state college students. The Court said such voters can still vote in New Hampshire so long as they make an effort to make New Hampshire their voting domicile.

The Court decision can be found in its entirety here.

Gov. Sununu said of the bill, “New Hampshire will now align with virtually every other state in requiring residency in order to vote.”

Project Veritas Action will continue to investigate and expose flaws in our election systems across the country, which enables responsible state governments to solve election integrity issues.



Criminal Investigation Sought into Sanders Campaign for Collusion During a Federal Election With a Foreign Entity

[icon size=”14″ icon=”icon-rhomb” display=”true” ][/icon]Charges Raised Against Sanders Campaign Are  Similar to Charges in  “Russian Collusion” Scandal
[icon size=”14″ icon=”icon-rhomb” display=”true” ][/icon]Former Speaker of the NH House of Representatives William O’Brien is Also Asking for an Investigation*
[icon size=”14″ icon=”icon-rhomb” display=”true” ][/icon]Charges Come in Wake of Sanders Campaign Paying FEC Fine for Accepting “Prohibited Foreign Contributions” as Exposed by Project Veritas Action Fund


(New York) Project Veritas Action Fund has requested a criminal investigation by the US Department of Justice into the Bernie Sanders 2016 presidential campaign to determine if the Sanders campaign and the Australian Labor Party conspired to “defraud the U.S. government” and allowed “foreign national interference with U.S. elections.”

The request for an investigation of the Sanders campaign and the Australian Labor Party is based on the belief that there was a “conspiracy to defraud the United States government,” as well as the likelihood of “false statements to the United States government.”

Project Veritas Action Fund’s legal counsel and author of the complaint Benjamin Barr compared the findings to the popular Russian Collusion scandal:

“Given the unusual breadth and depth of likely foreign involvement in America’s 2016 presidential election, we request a thorough criminal investigation of the matters described herein.

Barr goes on to point out that like this complaint about 13 foreign nationals assisting one federal campaign the Grand Jury in Washington DC recently indicted 13 Russians for interfering in a Federal election.*

Additionally, the former Speaker of the New Hampshire House of Representatives William O’Brien is sending a letter to the DOJ’s Public Integrity Section as well as the U.S. Attorney’s office in Concord, New Hampshire asking for an investigation. In his letter, the former Speaker requests an investigation into “additional potential criminal violations stemming from an apparent conspiracy to defraud the U.S. government.”

According to the Federal Election Campaign Act (FECA) as quoted in O’Brien’s letter: “[p]ersons who knowingly and willfully engage in these activities may be subject to an FEC enforcement action, criminal prosecution or both.”

This comes in the wake of the Sanders Campaign agreeing to pay a civil penalty of $14,500 to the Federal Election Commission for accepting “prohibited foreign contributions,” although the campaign agreed to do so “without admitting liability.”

This fine was a result of an initial complaint filed by O’Brien, citing Project Veritas Action Fund’s hidden-camera videos from 2016 which exposed Australian nationals who were sent by the Australian Labor Party and financed by the Australian Labor Party to assist the the Sanders Presidential campaign.

The Project Veritas Action Fund 2016 videos that exposed the foreign collusion with the Sanders campaign initially got very little coverage from the mainstream media in the US, but were widely covered by the Australian Media.

“Since CNN’s Van Jones thinks the Russian collusion story is a ‘nothing burger,’ here’s a JUICY story about a probable violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act, a potential conspiracy and foreign collusion in support of a Presidential candidate that Van Jones can really sink his teeth into,” said Project Veritas Action Fund’s founder and President James O’Keefe.

* See, e.g., Grand Jury Indicts Thirteen Russian Individuals and Three Russian Companies for Scheme to Interfere in the United States Political System, Department of Justice, Feb. 16, 2018, available at: https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/grand- jury-indicts-thirteen-russian-individuals-and-three-russian-companies-scheme-interfere/

Sanders Campaign Pays Fine for Foreign Gov’t Election Meddling – FEC Credits PVA Videos

(New York) The 2016 presidential campaign of US Senator Bernie Sanders has agreed to pay a $14,500 civil penalty to the FEC for foreign government election meddling, “without admitting liability.” This comes as a result of a complaint filed by former NH House Speaker Bill O’Brien regarding a Project Veritas Action hidden-camera video exposing the Australian Labor Party colluding with the Sanders campaign.

The video, which received wide-spread attention from Australian media outlets, initially received no coverage by any US mainstream outlets. (The “Russia-Trump collusion” narrative, on the other hand, has received nearly unprecedented media coverage.)

Nearly two years later, and the media seems to have caught on:

| Vice News | ZeroHedge | Concord Patch | VTDigger | Ken Vogel of The New York TimesBreitbart | Daily Caller | Valley News | World Net Daily | The Hill | Russia Today | GOP |

The video, released in 2016, showed Bernie Sanders staffers in New Hampshire and Nevada explaining that the Australian Labor Party used taxpayer dollars to send the staffers to help elect the Senator. According to the FEC agreement, this means the ALP made “prohibited foreign contributions” to the Sanders campaign.

WMUR’s John DiStaso also wrote about the Sanders-FEC agreement:

“In separate agreements filed on Feb. 14, the FEC writes that by paying the youths’ transportation costs and stipends, the party made an illegal contribution to a U.S. political campaign and the Sanders campaign broke the law by accepting paid services by the Australians.”

The “Not for Sale” candidate was known to complain about Hillary Clinton’s financial ties to foreign entities and overseas connections on the campaign trail.

“Now that Project Veritas Action has uncovered undisputable video evidence that a foreign government illegally interfered with the 2016 presidential election,” said James O’Keefe, founder and President of Project Veritas Action, “will the mainstream media finally cover it?”