Colorado Senate Race 2014

After uncovering rampant vulnerabilities with mail-in ballots, Project Veritas Action Fund went undercover to investigate voter fraud in Colorado. James O'Keefe's video exposes workers from three organizations condoning voter fraud: Work For Progress, Greenpeace, and Rep. Joe Salazar's campaign.

Mark Udall Advocates Condone Voter Fraud

"Awesome" is a very common word used by Democratic operatives in Colorado when discussing potential voter fraud. Project Veritas Action went undercover in the Centennial State to reveal just how prone their mail-in ballot system is to likely voter fraud.

Denver TV 9 News Coverage

Here's some local coverage from the latest Project Veritas Action video regarding voter fraud in Colorado.


Mark Udall Loses the Election

Democratic Incumbent Mark Udall lost the election to Cory Gardner is 2014.

Greenpeace Staffer Christen Topping was Fired

After the release of Project Veritas Action’s video, Christen Topping was fired from Greenpeace for supporting voter fraud during the Colorado Senate Race.

Media Coverage

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