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Arkansas Senate Race 2014

Part 1

Mark Pryor Insider Says He’s Lying About His Marriage Equality Stance

Arkansas U.S. Senate candidate Mark Pryor says he supports traditional marriage, but Project Veritas Action has received tips stating that this isn't the case. We sent undercover investigators to Arkansas to see if Sen. Pryor is telling the truth or intentionally deceiving voters. Christian Hartsock contributed to this report.


Mark Pryor Loses the Election

Incumbent Mark Pryor lost his reelection run against Tom Cotton after the Project Veritas videos were released. Tom Cotton defeated Mark Pryor by a larger than expected margin. Politico

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Major Media Coverage

10/8/14 "Tom Cotton Sets Arkansas Statewide Fundraising Record" Breitbart

10/20/14 "Colorado Dems: We Caught James O'Keefe and His Friends Trying to Bait Us Into Approving Voter Fraud" Mother Jones

10/15/14 "New O’Keefe Video: Mark Pryor Is Lying About His Marriage Equality Stance" RedState

Additional Media Coverage

11/05/14 "The GOP Joy Divisions" Bloomberg

10/6/14 "James O'Keefe Brings His Dishonest, Doctored Videos To The World Of Political Campaigns" Media Matters for America

10/20/16 "PROJECT NON-VERITAS: More about James O’Keefe" Daily Kos

7/20/11 "James O'Keefe is an idiot" Arkansas Times

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