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Elizabeth Warren Iowa Campaign Field Organizer Says That Democrats ‘Lose Elections’ Because They “Prioritize Pronouns Over Making Sure People Have a Decent Standard of Living”

TWO MORE Bernie 2020 Field Organizers in SC: Sanders Camp Attracts “Truly Radical People”; “ANTIFA…Yellow Vests…Keeping That on Back-Burner”; “Strip Power Away from Capitalists…Directing That Violence Towards Property”; Claim Gulag Stories are Exaggerated

ANOTHER Bernie 2020 Field Organizer: “I’ll Straight Up Get Armed…I’m Ready for the F***ing Revolution…Guillotine the Rich”; Praises the Soviet Union, Advocates Sending “All the Republicans to the Re-Education Camps”

Bernie 2020 Field Organizer, Kyle Jurek: “There Are Things That Are More Important Than the Rule of Law in the United States”; Declares That His Views Are Shared by Many Others In the Sanders Camp; Secret Service Notified Over POTUS Assassination Concern

Bernie 2020 Field Organizer States “F***ing Cities Will Burn” if Trump Wins Re-Election; Calls for Violence, Mass Murder of Opposition, and “Reign of Terror”

Elections Fraud 2018 Recap

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Elections Fraud 2018 Recap

Project Veritas Action Fund released video from Election Day 2018 showing poll-workers electioneering, mentioning Democratic candidates for office.

“He does” Support Unions, But “don’t say that to people!” IN Senator Donnelly Masks Union Support, Says Wife Jill Donnelly

(Indianapolis) Project Veritas Action Fund has released undercover video from current US Senator Joe Donnelly’s campaign.

“Nobody needs to know” Beto Campaign Appears to Illegally Spend Funds on Supplies for Caravan Aliens, Campaign Manager Says “Don’t Worry”

(Austin) Project Veritas Action Fund has released undercover video from current Congressman and US Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke’s campaign.

Gillum Makes Promises He Can’t Keep, “that’s not for [voters] to know” Says Campaign Staff in Undercover Video

(Tallahassee) Project Veritas Action Fund has released undercover video from Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum’s campaign, revealing his election strategy includes making empty promises to voters.

Kyrsten Sinema RESPONDS to Undercover Video

Kyrsten Sinema has now responded to our undercover investigation exposing her staff saying she is a fake moderate.

AZ Sen Candidate Sinema “can’t be talking about” Gun Bans; Says Arizonans Will “actually shoot you”

(Phoenix) Project Veritas Action Fund has released undercover video from current Congresswoman and US Senate candidate Kyrsten Sinema’s campaign, exposing the campaign’s belief that to win in Arizona, Sinema must appear more moderate than she really is, and hide her progressive views from voters in the process.

IMPACT: Sen. McCaskill Fumbles Questions About Veritas Videos in Missouri Senate Debate

During the final debate between Senator Claire McCaskill and her opponent in Missouri, an audience member asked about our undercover videos.

Heitkamp Opponent Reacts to Undercover Videos Revealing Heidi’s Bait and Switch

Speaking on “What’s on Your Mind Radio” with Scott Hennen, incumbent Senator Heidi Heitkamp’s opponent Congressman Kevin Cramer commented on the undercover video exposing Heitkamp’s staff saying she’ll be “super liberal” if re-elected.

Senator Hietkamp Director Describes Bait and Switch: “If and when she gets elected she’s going to be super liberal”

(Washington DC) Project Veritas Action Fund has released undercover video from incumbent Senator Heidi Heitkamp’s campaign and Senate staff exposing bait and switch politics to court moderate voters.

Veritas Attorney to Missouri AG: Reject Senator McCaskill’s Demands

James O’Keefe: Senator McCaskill Should Be Embarrassed

McCaskill Campaign “Essentially” Lies to Get Elected; Campaign Conceals Planned Parenthood Contributions, “donations through separate means”

(St. Louis) Project Veritas Action Fund has released a fourth undercover video from campaigns during this 2018 election season.

“People just can’t know that.” MO Sen. McCaskill Hides Agenda Including “semi-automatic rifle ban” from Moderate Voters, Staffers Reveal in Undercover Video it “could hurt her ability to get elected.”

(St. Louis) Project Veritas Action Fund has released a third undercover video from campaigns during this 2018 election season.

US Senate Candidate Phil Bredesen Responds to Undercover Video Sting

(Tennessee) Speaking to News Channel 11, US Senate candidate Phil Bredesen responded to an undercover report published earlier this week showing staffers from his campaign offices explain his recent statement in support of then-Judge Brett Kavanaugh was plainly a “political move” in order to court “moderate” voters.

O’Keefe Confronts Bredesen Campaign Staff About Undercover Video

O’Keefe confronted Bredesen campaign staffer Will Stewart for comment about an undercover video showing Stewart admitting that Bredesen was lying to voters in order to win the election.

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