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Anti-Gun Rights Maine Senate Candidate Savage Works for Gideon Win in State’s Ranked-Voting Process … Savage Calls for Australia-Style Gun Confiscation, Touts Socialism ‘I Think Bernie isn't Radical Enough’

  • Maine U.S. Senate Candidate Lisa Savage tells journalist she would support mandatory firearms buyback program—with enforcement mechanism.

  • Savage: “I don't think Bernie is too radical. I think Bernie isn't radical enough.”

  • Savage: “A rag-tag bunch of fat guys in camo…is not a well-ordered militia.”

  • James O’Keefe: “Maine voters have a right to know that Savage advocates a radical agenda as she works her backdoor campaign to elect Gideon.”

[PORTLAND, MAINE—Nov. 2, 2020] A Project Veritas Action Fund journalist recorded the independent Senate candidate in Deering Oaks Park here, when she revealed her support of socialism and Australian-style firearms confiscation in a report released today.

“What I tend to say is I respect the 2nd Amendment because it's part of the Bill of Rights until they repeal it,” said Senate hopeful Lisa Savage, a climate activist and public schoolteacher. “But it said a well-ordered militia--a rag-tag bunch of fat guys in camo that tried to kidnap--that is not a well-ordered militia.”

Journalist: “You know, there has to be a mandatory buyback program and it has to be enforced. You can have all the policy you want if there's no enforcement mechanism.”

Lisa Savage: “Yeah, I'd been advocating for it for years. Australia had a mass shooting like three, five years ago, and they did a buyback program and they haven't had a mass shooting since.”

Journalist: “So, you would support mandatory buyback program?”

Savage: “Sure.”

Journalist: “And an enforcement mechanism?”

Savage: “Sure.”

In Australia, more than 1 million firearms have been collected and destroyed by the government since 1996 and today all guns must be registered to an owner with sufficient justification to receive a government permit. Under Australian law, self-defense is not sufficient justification to receive a government permit.

Savage supports socialism, thinks Sanders is not socialist enough

Savage, who was arrested in 2019 protesting at the shipyard Bath Iron Works, told the Project Veritas Action Fund journalist if Maine voters elect her to the Senate she will seek out Sen. Bernie Sanders (I.-Vt.) and the Democratic Party, but he is not extreme enough for her taste.

Journalist: “When will the party embrace our agenda, the socialist agenda?”

Lisa Savage: “The Democratic Party?”

Journalist: “Yeah.”

Savage: “Never.”

Savage said Sanders is a potential ally, but he is too mainstream.

I don't think Bernie is too radical. I think Bernie isn't radical enough,” she said.

“His big mistake was trying to run as a Democrat,” Savage said.

“I'm happy to be called a socialist. But the Democrat party is a machine, and they would never nominate somebody like that,” she said.

“Why does he keep going to the Democratic Party? How could he not realize they'll never nominate you? Never,” she said.

The public schoolteacher said she would reach out to Sanders, though, as part of her program to work with people inside the federal government to achieve her goals.

I joke around and say I'd call Bernie,” she said.

“You know, people go: 'What are you going to do your first day on the Senate?' Call Bernie and meet with constituents from Maine,” she said.

“If he wants to work with me that'd be great,” Savage said.

“What I would be doing is getting to Washington, finding the people that know how it works and finding out where is the weak point,” she said. I would seek out the people that share the goal I have of getting universal healthcare.”

Savage also told the Project Veritas Action Fund journalist she is definitely going to partner with others on Capitol Hill looking to defund law enforcement.

Maine’s ranked voting system makes Savage voters the deciding factor in Senate race

James O’Keefe, the founder and CEO of Project Veritas Action Fund, said Maine’s voting system allows fringe campaigns and candidates to put mainstream candidates over the top.

O’Keefe said Savage’s radical program is on the ballot and even if she loses, she wins if Gideon is elected to the Senate.

“Maine voters have a right to know that Savage advocates a radical anti-gun rights agenda as she works her backdoor campaign to elect Gideon,” he said.

Savage’s candidacy takes on a heightened importance than is typical for someone with roughly 5 percent of the voters supporting her, because of Maine’s ranked voting system.

Maine’s ranked voting system allows voters to rank their candidates in the order of their preference. If no one garners 50 percent or more of the vote, the candidate finishing last is dropped, but his voters are still involved as their second-choice candidate receives those votes.

The rounds of counting votes continue until one candidate receives 50 percent of the vote.

Maine adopted the system for the 2018 election cycle and since then, no Republican has won an election to federal or statewide office. In fact, Republican Rep. Bruce L. Poliquin would have won under the traditional system used by all other 49 states, but his Democratic opponent won with the distributed votes from other candidates.

According to the Oct. 28 Colby College poll, Maine House Speaker Sara I. Gideon leads the Senate race with 47 percent of support compared to Republican Sen. Susan Collins’ 43
percent. Savage is the choice of 5 percent and conservative independent Max Linn sits at 2 percent with the rest undecided.

Using this poll as a model, it is conceivable that in the second round of voting, Linn’s votes would go to Collins putting her at 45 percent and leaving Gideon at 47 percent. In the third round, the process would distribute Savage’s 5 percent to Gideon—for the win.

For this reason, the Savage campaign uses slogan like: “Vote Blue Number Two” and “Sara Second,” so that the climate activist is openly running on Gideon’s slate.

In Savage’s own words about her de facto slate with Gideon against Collins: “Either one of us getting in will help change the Senate.”

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