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Everytown for Gun Safety Data Manager Trashes Kelly’s ‘Milquetoast’ Public Gun Agenda…Kelly Really Wants More Gun Control: ‘Like An Assault Weapons Ban…Use Press Releases To Circumvent Federal Law: ‘If The NRA Were To Find Out…They Would Tear Us Apart.’

  • Everytown for Gun Safety Data Manager Alan Bederka: “[Kelly] Just Doesn't Make It A Main Focal Point of His Campaign”

  • Bederka: “Better Propaganda is Where it Starts. Our Propaganda is Terrible.”

  • Bederka: Kelly Passing Assault Weapons Ban in Senate: “Would Be Freakin’ Lovely"

  • Bederka On Scheme to Skirt Federal Coordination Laws: “It is for the Greater Good and It's Not Life and Death. The Problem Is That If the NRA Were to Find Out, We Were Doing That, They Would Make Hay Out of it. They Would Take Us to Court, And They Would Tear Us Apart."

  • James O’Keefe: “We Are Not Saying That Mark Kelly Is Lying To the Voters, Alan Bederka Is Saying That He Is Lying To The Voters About The True Extent Of His Opposition To Gun Rights”

[Washington—Oct. 7, 2020] A data manager for Everytown for Gun Safety, which is working to elect retired Navy Capt. Mark Kelly to the US Senate, told a Project Veritas Action Fund
journalist on a hidden camera that retired Kelly is not being honest about his real gun control agenda.

“Hopefully Mark Kelly will support more stringent gun regulations than his very milquetoast proposals on his website,” said Alan Bederka, who works data and strategy for Everytown for Gun Safety’s support of the retired astronaut running against Sen. Martha McSally (R.-Ariz.).

“[Kelly] just doesn't make it a main focal point of his campaign,” Bederka said.

Bederka said his analysis is that it is a better election strategy for Kelly to downplay his anti-gun right agenda in Arizona, so in the Senate he will be in a position to push for his true goals.

“There's a higher probability of being able to enact the kind of legislation you're hoping to see get enacted. You know? Things like an assault weapons ban, which would be freakin' lovely,” he said.

Journalist: Does Mark Kelly support that [a ban on so-called assault weapons]?

Alan Bederka: “Oh yeah, absolutely.”

James O’Keefe, the founder and CEO of the Project Veritas Action Fund, said Bederka is the latest person working to elect Kelly to the Senate to open up about Kelly’s need to lie to Arizona voters.

“We are not saying that Kelly is lying to the voters, Alan Bederka is saying that he is lying to the voters about the true extent of his opposition to gun rights,” O’Keefe said.

“Our Project Veritas Action Fund journalists went to Kelly’s home to ask him questions about what Bederka said—but, he made them wait more than 30 minutes at the front door after they were allowed inside the gate--before accusing them of trespassing and ordering them to leave his property.”

In another exchange Bederka opened up more about the attitudes inside the campaign
to elect Kelly to the Senate:

Journalist: “Isn’t ironic what you just said, like, the terms “assault weapons ban” creates war?

Alan Bederka: “Yeah, it’s absolutely the most ironic thing, because these people want their guns in the event the government comes to take their guns. How are they supposed to defend themselves from tyranny?

Journalist: Remember you were talking about how Americans are so stupid like; can we just trick them?

Bederka:  You can, but you got to remember that there are other people trying to trick them to thinking the opposite way at the same time. You got to beat their propagandists. That’s the problem.”

Journalist: “How do we do that?”

Bederka: “I arrest them.”

In addition to his insights in the attitudes inside the campaign to elect Kelly and Kelly’s strategy to underplay his support for gun control, Bederka said Everytown for Gun Safety uses its press releases to circumvent federal campaign laws governing how his committee coordinates with other committees and the Kelly campaign.

The most common way to coordinate covertly is to use press releases, he said.

“Like different press releases that get released, you read the other people's press releases to find out what they're doing,” he said. “Then, you release your own to tell them what you're doing and they kind of read each other and they work in that way.”

It is not the best way to coordinate, but it is a way to hide Everytown for Gun Safety’s coordination with committees it is not allowed to work with openly, he said.

“It's an imperfect system,” Bederka said. “I mean, I wish we would just give up the
goat, pretend, stop pretending that like we aren't connected and we have to
keep this firewall or whatever. But like, that's typically how it's done. It's
like this kind of 'beat around the bush thing.”

Journalist: “As long as it's happening—"

Alan Bederka: “And illegal.”

Bederka, then told the journalist that if the National Rifle Association found out about
the coordination scheme through press releases, it would go on the attack in the courts.

Journalist: “Coordinating with a gun control group and a campaign that is not life and death, that is like for the greater good.”

Bederka: “It is for the greater good and it's not life and death. The problem is that if the NRA were to find out, we were doing that, they would make hay out. They would take us to
court, and they would tear us apart. And it's not that even necessarily, we wouldn't lose. It's the beacon tractable legal battle that would unveil over it. They have a lot more money than we do. They have a lot more power than we do right now. So they would stomp us if we made a mistake like that. And it would put everything in jeopardy, which is why we're so careful not to coordinate.”

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