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Field Director for U.S. Rep. John Curtis’ Campaign Submits RESIGNATION After Revealing Campaign Deceives Voters ‘That’s Unfortunate That I Said That’

  • A Field Director for U.S. Representative, John Curtis, has submitted his resignation after he was caught in undercover footage discussing the campaign’s strategy to hide the Congressman’s real views on Utah’s abortion trigger law from Utah voters. He said they were not “willing to do the research.” The Field Director, Daniel Stephens, called the law “restrictive” adding that Curtis “does not like the trigger laws” but “he has not come out and stated that” because of the election.

  • When approached by Project Veritas Action Investigative Reporter, James O’Keefe, Stephens initially called the characterization of his comments “unfair” and said that, “the video is completely taken out of context.”

  • But after the reporter played clips in front of Stephens live in their original context, Stephens said, “That’s unfortunate that I said that” before adding, “Unfortunately, that does associate Congressman Curtis with a negative image.”

  • When asked by the reporter if he intended to resign, Stephens replied, “Yes…right now” and proceeded to call campaign manager, Adrielle Herring, live on camera to submit his resignation.

[SALT LAKE CITY– June 22, 2022] A Field Director for U.S. Representative John Curtis’ re-election campaign who was featured in a Project Veritas Action investigation has submitted his resignation. The Field Director, Daniel Stephens, was caught in undercover footage revealing the campaign’s strategy to “manipulate” voters by hiding the Congressman’s views from voters who are not “willing to do the research,” to quote Stephens.

Stephens submitted his resignation during an interview with Project Veritas Action Investigative Reporter and Founder, James O’Keefe, who asked Stephens if he “stood by” his comments.

Stephens initially said “that video is completely taken out of context” but quickly changed his tune after he was shown footage of his comments by O’Keefe. “That’s unfortunate that I said that,” Stephens said before adding, “Unfortunately that does associate Congressman Curtis with a negative image.” Shockingly, Stephens then told O’Keefe, “You can even put that ‘the Field Director Daniel Stephens resigned.’ I’m happy to do whatever it takes.”

Stephens then called Rep. Curtis’ Campaign Manager, Adrielle Herring.

“Hi Adrielle. I’m just giving you a call.  I had a volunteer come in last week that apparently was an undercover individual for Project Veritas [Action],” Stephens said in the onset of the call. “I would like to give my resignation so this doesn’t affect the boss,” Stephens then said.

When O’Keefe attempted to corroborate Stephens’ statements with Curtis’ views on Utah’s abortion trigger laws, which Stephens said Curtis “does not like, Herring said, “I’m not prepared to discuss the congressman’s views on trigger laws.”

The Campaign Manager later offered an official comment saying, “Statements made by someone who is not authorized to speak for the Congressman are not relevant.”

At the time of this writing, neither Herring nor the Representative John Curtis have confirmed if they have accepted the resignation of Stephens.

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