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James O’Keefe: Staff Campaigners for Mark Kelly’s US Senate Bid in Arizona Agree: Kelly Not Honest About Full Extent of Gun Control Agenda; "Always can't trust politicians"

  • Everytown For Gun Safety Data Manager Alan Bederka: Kelly Has to Lie to Get into The Senate, So He Can Pass Gun Control: “Things Like an Assault Weapons Ban, Which Would be Freakin' Lovely”

  • Bederka: “[Kelly’s] Probably in Favor of a General Assault Weapon Ban and What That Would Mean Is No More Manufacturing Assault Weapons For General Consumer Consumption…In Any State In The United States.”

  • Bederka: Everytown For Gun Safety Skirts Federal Laws Against Coordination Through Press Releases “If the NRA Were to Find Out…They Would Tear Us Apart”

  • Mission for Arizona Field Organizer Anjelica Carpio: “[Kelly] Just Wants to Get Elected’

  • Carpio: “I Know We Always Can’t Trust Politicians”

  • Carpio: “Even the Staffers Are Kind of Confused, Like We Want Him to Come Full Force Out”

[Westchester County, N.Y.—Oct. 8, 2020] Project Veritas Action Fund journalists exposed conflicted campaign staffers working to elect retired Navy Capt. Mark Kelly to the US Senate representing Arizona.

James O’Keefe, the founder and CEO of the Project Veritas Action Fund, said,  “Our investigation into Senate hopeful Mark Kelly has revealed some ‘truths’ about Kelly’s gun control agenda that should concern the voters here in the Grand Canyon state.”

“Two different campaign workers trying to help Kelly beat Sen. Martha McSally expressed their disappointment that Kelly is afraid to tell Arizona voters the full extent of his anti-gun rights agenda,” O’Keefe said.

Everytown for Gun Safety data manager Alan Bederka

Another operative working to elect the retired astronaut turned Democratic senatorial candidate is Alan Bederka, a data manager for Everytown for Gun Safety who told a Project Veritas Action Fund journalist it is Kelly’s strategy to downplay his true gun control agenda.

“[Kelly] just doesn't make it a main focal point of his campaign,” Bederka said. “I mean, I work in politics. I'm used to people being liars.”

Kelly is not in a position to change the opinion of Arizona voters on gun rights, so the strategy is to de-emphasize his gun control agenda—until he gets into the Senate, he said. “There's a higher probability of being able to enact the kind of legislation you're hoping to see get in an enacted.”

Bederka said one of things Kelly wants to enact into law is a ban on so-called assault weapons.

Alan Bederka: “Things like an assault weapons ban, which would be freakin' lovely.”

Journalist: “Does Mark Kelly support that?”

Bederka: “Oh yeah, absolutely.

Bederka said the ban Kelly wants is far more extreme that anything posted by his campaign.

Alan Bederka: “[Kelly’s] probably in favor of a general assault weapon ban and what that would mean is no more manufacturing, assault weapons for general consumer consumption.

Journalist: “In what Arizona?”

Bederka: “Yeah, in any state in the United States.”

In another exchange, Bederka complained that the anti-gun rights movement has not successfully made its case to the voters—despite the stupidity of the American people.

Journalist: “Remember you were talking about how Americans are so stupid like; can we just trick them?”

Alan Bederka: “You can, but you got to remember that there are other people trying to trick them to thinking the opposite way at the same time. You got to beat their propagandists. That’s the problem.

Journalist: How do we do that? 

Bederka: “I arrest them.”

Bederka also described how his organization, Everytown for Gun Safety, uses press releases to coordinate with other committees to circumvent federal election law—and how if the National Rifle Association found out about the coordination it would be catastrophic.

Alan Bederka: “It sounds incredibly stupid just sitting here, my being like, 'yeah, we pass messages, through press releases, and then they read them and they kind of figure it out.' But the reason we do that is because if we did it, it would just be bad for everything we believe in…It’s an imperfect system. I mean, I wish we would just give up the goat, pretend, stop pretending that like we aren't connected, and we have to keep this firewall or whatever. But like, that's typically how it's done. It's like this kind of 'beat around the bush thing.”

Journalist: “As long as it's happening—"

Bederka: “And illegal…It is for the greater good and it's not life and death. The problem is that if the NRA were to find out, we were doing that, they would make hay out. They would take us to court, and they would tear us apart…and it would put everything in jeopardy, which is why we're so careful not to coordinate.”

Mission for Arizona field organizer Anjelica Carpio

“Even the staffers are kind of confused, like we want him to come full force out, but the problem is this is such a consequential state,” said Anjelica Carpio, who is a field organizer for Mission for Arizona, an affiliate of the Arizona Democratic Party, which provides voter outreach and field operations for Kelly’s Senate campaign.

“I think he’s trying to get elected and then he’ll implement the measures,” she said. “You always can't trust politicians, I mean like everybody on the staff would say this, like every politician, not every--I'm like defaming my campaign right now.”

“Yeah. even if it's not the fullest extent of like complete gun ban, he still wants to do something substantial and that would be assault weapons and universal background checks,” Carpio said.

“[Kelly] wants to get those Republicans that don’t trust Trump anymore, and one of their main issues is guns,” said Carpio to a Project Veritas Action Fund undercover journalist.

“I don't think he's fully like being out there saying like, I want like a full gun control type measure,” she said. “I think it's because he just wants to get elected first and then he wants to go further.”

Carpio said the problem is that Kelly cannot get elected if he emphasized his full gun control agenda.

“Arizona is very Republican state in general, like a red state and I know, actually right now it's purple technically, but I just think he wants to get those Independents,” she said.