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Media Wrap-Up of 2016 New Hampshire Voter Fraud Video

Here are some selected media clips from the video we just released which shows how easy it is for non-residents to vote in New Hampshire elections.

Here are some selected media clips from the video we just released which shows how easy it is for non-residents to vote in New Hampshire elections. Note that the story hit the front pages of multiple New Hampshire newspapers. We selected a variety of local, national, mainstream, blog and other media sources to provide an overview of the coverage this story is receiving.

  • Daily Caller breaks the initial story here

  • Online version of Union Leader front page article headlined “AG to investigate polling video claiming voter ID law could be beaten”

  • John Fund’s headline: “Undercover Video Shows Why New Hampshire Needs Stronger Voter-ID Laws”

  • Real Clear Politics picks up the National Review article here

  • From a Union Leader editorial: “But election laws can only work if they can be enforced. James O’Keefe and the Project Veritas were back in New Hampshire on Tuesday. They claim to have found poll workers coaching undercover reporters wearing hidden cameras on how to skirt election laws, and campaign staffers openly encouraging voter fraud. Voter ID laws make sense. Adding a 30-day residency requirement for voting would do more to protect us from drive-by voters. Granite Staters alone should decide our elections.”

  • The Associated Press picks up the New Hampshire story here

  • In a different article, the Associated Press syndicates a story about a Maine election bill, referencing the Project Veritas Action video in the article

  • Concord Monitor quotes James O’Keefe: “Banks, airlines, and even corner grocery stores have long figured out how to quickly and easily confirm identity with photo ID’s,” O’Keefe said. “Perhaps government is incredibly incompetent, alternately the intent is far more nefarious.”

  • “Elections in New Hampshire don’t seem to have improved in the four years since Veritas was last here” –Canada Free Press 

  • Local coverage from New Hampshire’s WMUR TV: “Assistant Attorney General Stephen LaBonte told us he is aware of the video, will take a look at it and pursue the matter if warranted”

  • In depth coverage from WMUR here

  • NPR: “Assistant Attorney General Stephen Labonte says multiple people have reached out to him with concerns about it. We received a copy of the video Wednesday, and we’ve reviewed the video, and we’re determining if any of the conduct portrayed is in violation of state law.”

  • From a Concord Patch article: “LaBonte stated that investigators would be looking at the “wrongful voting” statute which, if found guilty, carries a felony conviction and $5,000 fine.”

  • Ed Morrissey: “Four years after Project Veritas Action first exposed the ease by which voter fraud occurs and New Hampshire attempted to toughen its laws, James O’Keefe and his team returned to ‘stress test’ the system.”

  • Following a fundraising email sent out by the NH GOP, a New Hampshire blogger writes: “Instead of giving your money to the NH GOP and the undeserving Horn, go to where Chair Ed Naille has been a Voter Fraud hunter extraordiare for years here in NH.  Not the NH GOP, CNHT.  Or to Project Veritas whose daring video investigative journalism has exposed this dirty seam, once again, of NH politics.”

  • New Boston Post: “The video shows several poll workers telling undercover journalists how to exploit New Hampshire’s lax residency voting requirements in order to vote that day.”

  • CR Wire: Yesterday it was shockingly easy for a non-resident to vote in New Hampshire”

  • GraniteGrok, the dominate political blog in New Hampshire writes: “Yup, those jolly jesters of the ‘poke them in their political eyes’ genre of investigative journalism have done it again.”

  • “O’Keefe respects the young socialists request as he slowly backpedaled out of the office.  But I couldn’t help but laugh at the fact that we have a socialist, who fundamentally opposes the concept of private property, use private property to shield them from their own dishonesty.” – notes Brett Sanders of some irony in the video

  • TruNews observes that “none of the PVA workers who posed as out-of-state voters actually completed the step of voting.”

  • Portsmith Herald says local “registrar says she contacted attorney general”

Also, stay tuned as we have additional voter fraud video to release over the next few days.