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Senior Hickenlooper Advisor Says Hickenlooper Can’t Support Fracking Ban—Advisor: ‘Realistically, Is Everybody Gonna Vote For That? No. Will They Vote For That Eventually? Yes’ … Campaign Fellow Confused: ‘It’s So Contradictory’ … ‘I Think [He's] Lying’

  • Senior Hickenlooper Advisor Maisha Fields: “Policy is about baby steps…we say we want change, we can only really accept change incrementally”

  • Hickenlooper Campaign Fellow Quinn Egan: “It’s like, I don’t know, because it’s so contradictory”

  • Egan: “Wishy-washy” Hickenlooper better than voting for Sen. Cory Gardner

  • O’Keefe: “If the staffers are confused about Hickenlooper’s position on fracking, then it should not be a shock if the voters are confused.”

[DENVER—Oct. 15, 2020] Senate campaign staffers for former Colorado governor John W. Hickenlooper Jr. told a Project Veritas Action Fund journalist they are confused about the Democrat’s stand on fracking.

Maisha Fields, a senior advisor to the Hickenlooper’s Senate campaign, acknowledged the conflict in the former governor’s fracking position in a conversation with an undercover journalist.

Journalist: “It’s, again, don’t get me wrong, [Hickenlooper] has my vote, but I just wish he would denounce fracking.”

Maisha Fields: “Yeah—”

Journalist: “That is my biggest thing. I don’t understand why it’s necessary, I guess.”

Fields: “Policy is about baby steps, because no one wants to, no one, we are a country where although we say we want change, we can only really accept change incrementally and so that is why it’s so difficult. It’s not like he wants that same thing—but, realistically is everybody gonna vote for that? No. Will they vote for that eventually? Yes.”

Another campaign staffer Quinn Egan told the Project Veritas Action Fund journalist that she is also confused.

“Honestly, I have no idea. It’s like, I don’t know, because it’s so contradictory. Like, I don’t know,” said Egan, who is a political fellow with Hickenlooper’s Senate campaign.

“Like what else can you do, you’re like, eh, I think you’re lying but, like you know I’d still, I’m not---like what’s worse?” she asked. “Something that he’s wishy washy on or voting for Cory Gardner? It’s sh*tty that we have to decide that, but like, still it’s like the two-party system at its finest.”

“I don’t think he fundamentally opposes fracking,” Egan said. “He’s said before that he like thinks it should still continue.”

James O’Keefe, the founder and CEO of the Project Veritas Action Fund, said, “If the staffers are confused about Hickenlooper’s position on fracking, then it should not be a shock if the voters are confused.”

O’Keefe said, “Hickenlooper offers two positions on fracking, but the voters get only one vote—getting answers from candidates and campaigns is a vital part of journalism, but the Colorado media dropped the ball.”

Fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, is the general term for the process of using high pressure steam or water to push and collect oil and gas trapped in shale rock formations and or otherwise inaccessible crevices. It is an alternative to traditional drilling and is responsible for the last decade’s boom in the American energy industry.

Environmentalists oppose fracking and the Green New Deal would ban the practice.

“On Hickenlooper’s own campaign website, the word ‘fracking’ is nowhere to be found,” said O’Keefe.

“It’s an issue he can’t escape. Colorado voters should demand a clear answer and perhaps Hickenlooper should actually make up his mind on the issue.”

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