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Staffer Working to Elect Kelly to Senate: Kelly Downplaying Anti-Gun Rights Agenda ‘The Staffers Are Kind of Confused’… ‘You Can’t Trust Politicians’…’I’m, Like, Defaming My Campaign Right Now’

  • Angelica Carpio, Mission for Arizona: “I Think He’s Trying to Get Elected and Then He’ll Implement The [Gun Control] Measures.”

  • Retired Navy Capt. Mark Kelly Refuses
    to Come Out of His Tucson Home to Answer Questions from Project Veritas Action

  • James O’Keefe: Kelly “Has to Answer Questions from Journalists and The Voters”

[Tucson, Ariz.—Oct. 4] Project Veritas Action Fund released today a hidden camera video of a Democratic campaign staffer, working to elect retired Navy Capt. Mark Kelly to the US Senate, in which she disparages Kelly’s refusal to campaign on his gun control agenda.“

Even the staffers are kind of confused, like we want him to come full force out,” said Angelica Carpio, a staffer for Mission for Arizona, an affiliate of the Arizona Democratic Party that handles voter outreach and other field operations for the Kelly campaign against Republican incumbent Sen. Martha McSally.

“You always can't trust politicians, I mean like everybody on the staff would say this, like every politician, not every--I'm, like, defaming my campaign right now,” she said.

Carpio said Kelly’s tactics are necessary to win in Arizona.

“The problem is this is such a consequential state,” Carpio said. “I think he’s trying to get elected and then he’ll implement the [gun control] measures.”

James O’Keefe, the founder and CEO of Project Veritas Action Fund, said he and other journalists attempted to speak to Kelly about this dual-track campaign strategy.

“We tried to ask Captain Kelly about this, but he left our Project Veritas Action Fund journalist waiting for 30 minutes outside his front door before sending a campaign staffer to berate our journalists and order them off the property—after they have been told they could come in the gate,” O’Keefe said.

“We all have tremendous respect for Kelly’s military service and his service as an astronaut, but he is a politician now—so he has to answer questions from journalists and the voters,” he said. 

“Putting aside Kelly’s staff’s rude and aggressive behavior towards journalists, his failure to be upfront about his support of a ban on military-style long guns, the so-called assault weapons, is unacceptable,” he said.

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