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WATCH: Arizona Democrat Gubernatorial Candidate Katie Hobbs HIDES in Bathroom After Journalist Questions Her on Gun Policy and Debating Republican Candidate Kari Lake

  • Project Veritas Action Press Secretary RC Maxwell approached Hobbs to ask questions on PVA’s latest story. The candidate spilled her drink all over the ground as she attempted to avoid the conversation.

  • Hobbs proceeded to walk back and forth before settling for a bathroom inside a restaurant.

  • Joe Wolf, who was also exposed in PVA’s reporting, showed up soon after to escort Hobbs into a vehicle and leave the scene.

[PHOENIX – Oct. 12, 2022] Project Veritas Action released a new video today showing the interaction between PVA Press Secretary, RC Maxwell, and Arizona Democrat gubernatorial candidate, Katie Hobbs, as she hid from the journalist to evade answering any questions.

PVA published a video yesterday that exposed the Hobbs campaign for having contradictory views on guns as well as strategizing excuses to avoid debating Republican candidate Kari Lake.

Maxwell approached Hobbs with questions on these issues, which led the candidate to spill her drink and walk away from the reporter.

Hobbs soon after settled for a bathroom in a restaurant as she waited for her campaign staff to pick her up.

Joe Wolf, the campaign’s Head Political Consultant, escorted Hobbs into a car without answering any questions.

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