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2014 Year in Review

Just three months ago, Project Veritas Action was founded to dig deeper into elections, campaigns and the legislation that impacts all of us. Conducting our investigations and delivering the results to the public is primarily what we do. It’s up to the media and governments to follow through on what we disclose. That’s the true impact of our work. We could conduct a thousand investigations a year, but if our work does not result in action, I would argue our work is in vain. Thankfully, that’s not the case. Again, we investigate and report and have no control over the result of our work, but here’s a short list of what happened AFTER our investigations were released: • The Democratic Senate Campaign Committee, pulled television spending for Senate Candidate Alison Grimes days after our report in Kentucky. • A Greenpeace official was terminated after she was caught on camera advising our undercover reporter on how to commit voter fraud. • Pryor polled behind by seven points. After our investigation in Arkansas, the candidate lost by 17 points. • Grimes went from a four-point lead to a 16-point loss! • After our report in Colorado, Udall polled behind before our investigation by two points but lost by four points. • And in North Carolina, Hagan went from a 2 point lead to a 2 point loss. We’re in the process of ramping up for 2015 and will be in touch with your very soon on how you can take part in our work. Thank you so much for your continued support and be on the lookout for our next video.


2014 was the first year for our 501C4 organization. As we became engaged in electoral politics, you can see what a difference we made in Kentucky, Colorado, Arkansas, Texas and especially North Carolina.

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