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BUSTED ON HIDDEN CAM: Sanders Staff Illegally Using NH Campaign Office Address to Vote

During the New Hampshire primary election, undercover videographers from Project Veritas Action caught Hugo Palma, a field director for the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign, admitting that he violated the law in order to vote. A different Sanders staffer said that about half of the staff had claimed the campaign office address as their place of residence for voting purposes.

This new Project Veritas Action video is the second in a series of voter irregularities which occurred during the 2016 New Hampshire primary election. The first video of the series illustrated how easy it is to either break the law or to skirt around New Hampshire’s poorly worded domicile requirement. This second video shows a Bernie Sanders staffer admitting to violating the law. In the video, Palma states that he used the address of the Sanders campaign office when voting, although he doesn’t reside there.

New Hampshire statute 659:34 reads “A person is subject to a civil penalty not to exceed $5000 if such person…   …When registering to vote…   …submits a voter registration form…   …containing false material information regarding his or her qualifications as a voter…”

Not only did Palma vote using the Sanders campaign office address, but other staffers did as well.

“Everyone else in the office is also like claiming domicile here,” said Sanders staffer Donna Waterman to undercover Project Veritas Action journalists. “Even though that’s not true.  Even though we are not planning on coming back but its super super easy to register in New Hampshire, because you bring in a piece of mail and that’s claiming domicile.”

When an undercover journalist said “I assume most of the staff is voting here?” Sanders field organizer Juan Ayor responded with “I would say half.”

According to the Sanders team, they were encouraged to vote in New Hampshire by people in higher level campaign positions.

“…and Kim, one of our directors, like they encouraged it,” said Sanders field organizer Peyor Gugali.

Rebecca Doyle, Bernie Sanders Volunteer:  “Yeah, the higher up people encouraged them to vote in New Hampshire,” said Sanders volunteer Rebecca Doyle.

“We’ve seen that Hillary Clinton’s Nevada staff do whatever they can to avoid election laws, asking for forgiveness only when they get caught,” said Project Veritas Action President James O’Keefe. “Now we see Bernie Sanders staffers in New Hampshire not only violating the law, but encouraging others to do the same. As tight as the Nevada contest is right now, perhaps the winner will be determined by who cheats the most.”

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