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Colorado Voter Fraud: “Ghetto” Politics

After uncovering rampant vulnerabilities with mail-in ballots, Project Veritas Action went undercover to investigate voter fraud in Colorado.


VO: This is Meredith Hicks. She is a director for Work For Progress, a nonprofit working hard to help re-elect Colorado Democratic Senator Mark Udall.

O’Keefe: 21:11:32 If they are not eligible to vote, and all these people are throwing out ballots, lets use those ballots to vote. So we can get as many votes as possible.

Meredith Hicks : Yes Definitely.

O’Keefe: We don’t just want to discard the ballots. So I think that that’s what we ‘re going to do. And I think that can make the difference in this election.

Meredith: I agree you’re totally right.

O’Keefe: I think, absolutely.

O’Keefe: I mean they cheat and lie and steal all the time. They do.

Meredith: That’s not even lying and stealing, if someone throws out the ballot, if you want to fill it out you should do it.

O’Keefe: You should do it.

VO: Greenpeace says it’s “a political” but when we talked with one of it’s paid staffers she openly endorsed Udall.

Kristin: I’m out here with Greenpeace.

James: Now, who’s the better candidate for Greenpeace?

Kristin: In my personal opinion it would be Udall. He’s definitely got more of a drive towards the environmental issues.

James: I really really think its important that we take the Senate, like this year, you know like if we don’t take the Senate like you know, the environment, like forget it.

Kristin: Really though.

James: We have to win the Senate.

Kristin: No, we really do.

PVA: So I’ve got a bunch of buddies of mine who are in fraternities. And the mail in ballots are coming. Like a bunch of seniors are going to move out of all of these frats, that I am friends with. And we think they’re probably going to, they are all registered, they’ve all moved out of state.

Kristin: Oh Yeah.

PVA: They are all going to get their ballots sent to…

Kristin: So you just vote for them with those ballots?


Kristin: Oh wow.

Absolutely. Like just think about it 20, 20 ballots a house.

Kristin: Yeah.

PVA: There are ten frats here. You know, that’s 200 votes going to like…

Kristin: That’s awesome.

Kristin: I mean it’s putting the votes to good use. So really truly like yeah, that’s awesome.

VO: Greenpeace supports recycling…and this Greenpeace staffer told us where we could find some Colorado ballots to recycle illegally.

O’Keefe: Are you on campus.

Kristin: I actually live in Aurora.

James: Is there a good place in Aurora where like maybe a place where you can get the ballots, trash cans? Is there an apartment building in Aurora you recommend where they have like a lot of ballots laying around?

Kristin: I would honestly say, this is going to sound weird…but ghetto Aurora, like north Aurora…cause south is like yuppieville.///But north Aurora is a lot of people who, I hate to like put in cliché’s, but people don’t care. Like the lower class they just don’t really…

O’Keefe: So ghetto Aurora. Is that mostly African American population?

Kristin: African American and Mexicans.

O’Keefe: And they probably throw the ballot out.

Kristin: Yeah. Most people do.

O’Keefe: Now is there a specific street or area where we can find the ballots?

Kristin: 6th.

O’Keefe: 6th and what.

Kristin: 6th and Belmar Circle is a good one.

PVA: Have you ever heard of anyone doing this before?

Kristin: I have never heard of it, but its kind of awesome.

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