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High-Level Clinton Campaign Staff Caught on Video Knowingly Breaking the Law

A Project Veritas Action investigator caught Molly Barker, the Director of Marketing for Hillary Clinton’s national campaign, knowingly breaking campaign finance law by accepting a straw donation from a foreign national.

Contributions from foreign nationals are illegal under FEC election law.  Straw donations (contributions made in the name of another person) are illegal under FEC election law.


We know Barker knew of their illegality because the hidden camera footage shows her consulting with the Clinton campaign’s Compliance Manager, Erin Tibe, who reiterated to Barker that she could not accept the contribution.  Minutes later, Barker accepted the illegal contribution anyway.

These are not volunteers or low-level staffers in remote outposts.  These are top campaign aides.  The illegal transaction took place at Clinton’s campaign kickoff event in New York.

An undercover Project Veritas Action investigator happened to be standing in line next to a Canadian citizen at the merchandise tent at the Hillary kickoff event.  The Canadian wanted to purchase a shirt.  However, purchases of campaign materials are explicitly treated as contributions under FEC law – they’re illegal for foreign nationals or corporations.

Our investigator asked: “So Canadians can’t buy them, but Americans can buy it for them?”

Barker replied: “Not technically; you would just be making the donation.”

Minutes after admitting that this would be an illegal straw contribution from a foreign national, and minutes after being informed by the Compliance Manager that the campaign could not accept the contribution, Barker accepted the illegal contribution.

The FEC laws were written to prevent foreign money from influencing American elections.  They are very specific – even going so far as covering merchandise purchases – in order to prevent the laundering of foreign money into campaigns through sales of overpriced merchandise.  (Every federal campaign requires anyone purchasing merchandise online to affirm that they are a citizen and not making the purchase on behalf of anyone else before they’re allowed to submit the credit card transaction.)


If the national Marketing Director is knowingly breaking this FEC law at the campaign’s very first major event, how widespread is this practice throughout the Clinton campaign?

We already know that the Clinton campaign warned their staffers to be on the lookout for Project Veritas Action investigators.  We already know they’re worried.  They should be.

Stay tuned.

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