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Hillary Clinton and Union Officials Team Up to Protect Bad Teachers

In this clip from one of the Democratic debates hosted by CNN, Anderson Cooper asks Hillary Clinton “do you think unions protect bad teachers?” Hillary Clinton answered by saying that she has been endorsed by the AFT and NEA and that she has been working closely with union leadership. In our most recent investigation of teachers unions, we caught union leadership on camera protecting bad teachers and helping them cover up abuse and racism. The president of the Yonkers Federation of Teachers, a subset of AFT was caught on camera saying egregious things such as, “You don’t fucking tell anybody anything,” and “It’s always the union’s fault”.

The Yonkers Teachers Union president, Patricia Puleo, was also featured in a photo with Hillary Clinton. Clearly Hillary Clinton is working with the people who help protect bad teachers, and we can see that she wasn’t lying about working closely with union leadership. Working to protect bad teachers that is. 

To get the rest of the background on this story, please visit our sister site here.

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