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DEVELOPING – James O’Keefe: McCaskill’s Response is Outrageous

James O’Keefe, founder of Project Veritas Action, has responded to incumbent Senator Claire McCaskill’s comments about the undercover investigation exposing her “bait-and-switch” campaign.

Project Veritas Action has no connection to the Josh Hawley campaign.  And the journalist who was imbedded in the McCaskill campaign for several months is one of our journalists and also has no connection to the Hawley campaign.  Senator McCaskill needs to stop making wild unfounded accusations and start telling the voters of Missouri the truth.

Said James O’Keefe: “We don’t talk to candidates, we only investigate candidates. Senator McCaskill made an absolutely false statement. And it is outrageous that she would make that statement on television.”

See the full response in the video above.

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